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New Boiler Cost & Gas Central Heating Prices

At Rhino we know that paying for a new boiler or central heating system might be lower on the list of desirable items you want to purchase but we are confident that we will have something to match your needs and budget.

We also firmly believe that a new, energy efficient boiler will pay for its self over time, as demonstrated in the example below.

If you change to a new A-rated condensing combi boiler from a G-rated boiler you can save around 30% on your gas bill. That equates to about £250 - £300 per year (£21-£25 per month) for the average Scottish household.

In addition, we know that customers usually pay some kind of maintenance on their older boilers. With the average cost of this being around £200 -£240 per year (£17 - £20 per month) for the typical British Gas or Homeserve contract, this coupled with your savings on your energy bill means that it may not be as expensive as you first thought to change your system. 

Typical household saving with a new boiler  
Saving on energy bill £25 per month
Saving on boiler insurance £20 per month
Total £45 per month

In real terms, this means that you are only paying an extra £26.55 per month until the end of your credit agreement. After which you will see a typical monthly saving of £45 (until the warranty expires in 10 years).

If you wish to pay upfront, we accept all types of credit and debit card payments, alternatively we offer finance options.

We have established great partnerships with finance providers who provide our customers with market leading rates to make it as easy and pain free as possible to get a new heating system installed.
Our typical flat rate is 4.9% and there are no early settlement fees. Unlike most loan applications, poor credit rating isn’t a barrier to access and we can typically turnaround a loan application within 5 days.
Loan example:

Loan Amount £2,250
Term 36 months
Interest Rate 4.9% flat rate
Repayment £71.55 per month
Total Interest Re-payable £325.78

If you would like to discuss the payment options available, please contact us for more information.

Got a question?

To find out more about our products and services, get in touch today and our friendly team will be able to help with any queries you have.


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