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Boiler Magnetic Filter

While a Power Flush cleans away debris from your system, a magnetic filter can help prevent the build-up of sludge and debris forming in the first place. It traps debris and catches it before it causes damage to your system. This ultimately means you gain maximum efficiency from your boiler.

We are professional partners with Fernox who are a global market leader, trusted brand and pioneer in the water treatment field. We install their magnetic filters, chemical inhibitors and cleansers which make your central heating system run more efficiently and protect it from corrosion or sludge and scale build up.

We believe that our team have sourced the best magnetic filters which should last the lifetime of your boiler, so call us today for a quote.

Our friend’s had RHINO install a new boiler and had read about a magnetic filter when doing some research so opted for a filter. We actually had a new boiler installed 2 years ago but no one gave us an option to install a filter at the time. I thought there might be problems adding one on to an existing system but it turned out the guys were in and out in 30min. Filter fitted and happier that my system is being protected. Thanks

Mr G Davidson - Newton Mearns

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