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Power Flush Central Heating System

Your boiler and central heating system works hard throughout the years and can build up some sludge, scale and debris. In order to combat this, Rhino can provide your system with a Power Flush.

You may require a Power Flush if:

  • Your radiators are not heating up properly or you have some cold sections on them
  • There are whistling noises coming from boiler
  • Your radiators need to be bled regularly
  • Your radiator water is discoloured

A Power Flush gives your system the TLC it needs and deeply cleans away any debris or deposits so as it can run smoothly and efficiently without any of the nuisance symptoms mentioned above. Having a Power Flush also prevents future damage from built up debris which can result in an eroded system and ultimately lead to boiler and central heating failures.

Rhino put the same effort into this as we do everything else and make sure no stone is left unturned to make sure your system is thoroughly cleansed and revived, and working to an utmost standard after the job is completed.

Received an eye watering quote from British Gas for a power flush of my central heating system. Decided to shop about online and spoke to the RHINO staff who gave me a much better price. The Job was booked in two days after my call, radiators are now piping hot and workers were friendly and efficient. Thanks guys

Mr & Mrs Ritchie - Glasgow - Cambuslang

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